Get the most out of your heating system


Avoid placing newspapers or drying wet clothes etc., on the grille above the convector.
Thick rugs or rugs pushed up against air inlets on furnishings hinder airflow to the convectors.


Do not fill top cupboards so much that air circulation is prevented.
Condensation can form in cupboards where
there is poor or no circulation.
During winter camping trips, pillows may even become frozen to the outer walls.


Avoid covering circulation openings with pillows, blankets or similar.
If circulation is hindered the hot boundary air seal at the window will disappear causing a cold downdraft.


Here's how it should look when the hot air
from the convectors flows up behind
the sofa and top cupboard.


On winter trips, make sure the roof flue is free from snow.
A good way to do this is by installing a flue extension to raise the cowl by 20 cm.