Alde's Core Values

The intelligent inventor

Alde Rask, who founded the company in 1949, was an ingenious inventor, and it is in his spirit that we continue to come up with innovations and technical developments with a focus on comfort in campers, RVs and boats. Our affirmed strategy is to continue to be the world leader in our field. Therefore we reflect constantly on how we can develop ever better functions, product life and service, and we work non-stop to achieve these goals. 
Quiet, invisible, pleasant comfort are the things we work with. . .every day.

Cozy, silent heating

Nothing can compete with hydronic heating. Silent, even-temperature, all-round heating. 
Hydronic heating that is always there, providing discreet, unobtrusive, quality heating. 
Not only does hydronic heating provide cozy, silent heat, it also means healthy, dust-free air with natural humidity.


Reliable heat

Alde heating systems are probably the most reliable money can buy. 
Trouble-free heating and hot water, year-in, year-out. How do we do it? 
It's probably something to do with our origins. Scandinavia is cold and has a tough climate. So we have to be sure that we have reliable products that function faultlessly in all weathers. We have carried out tests to ensure quality and enduring effectiveness ever since 1966 when our first furnace saw the light of day. 


A warm, welcoming company

We are proud to be the world leaders in our field. Be we are all the more proud when our customers perceive us to be warm and welcoming when they contact us. We are happy to listen to their experiences, suggestions and points of view, all of which help us make improvements. Building strong, lasting relationships with our customers is very important to us. Together with our extensive service and dealer network throughout Europe, we are always ready to provide assistance.

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