Heat exchanger

The radiator system of the vehicle’s engine can be used for heating the living area by use of a heat exchanger in combination with Alde´s central heating system. All that is necessary is to set the required room temperature on the room thermostat and start the circulation pump in the heating system. The heat can also be circulated in the opposite direction together with a circulation pump (2755) on the engine side. It then functions as an engine heater thanks to the fact that the central heating system heats up the engine’s cooling system. When installing the heat exchanger, the manufacturer or importer should be consulted so that the engine is not damaged.

Artnr:2968 901 

Article number: 2968 901


Size: L 190 x B 82 x H 65 mm (118 inc. conn)
Weight: 1,3 kg
Connection to the heating system: Ø 22 mm
Connection to the engine system: Ø 16 mm
Heat exchangerHeat exchangerHeat exchanger